VII International Mining Exhibition in San Juan, Argentina

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Argentinské velvyslanectví v České Republice nabízí českým společnostem možnost podílet se na mezinárodní výstavě těžebních strojů a zařízení v argentinském San Juanu. Více informací o veletrhu je k dispozici v přiložených souborech a na webových stránkách

VII International Exhibition of Mining Equipment, Tools, Supplies and Services for the Argentine Mining Industry

This is the most prestigious exhibition space for supplies, equipment, services and technology transfer in the Mining Industry, with the participation of the main extraction and supplier companies and it will take place in San Juan Province on April 18-20, 2018. To further highlight the main advances in the industry, the date selected is subsequent to Expomin 2018, a sister exhibition based in the Republic of Chile.

By taking part in the "Seventh International Exhibition: San Juan, A Development Driver In Argentine Mining" you will be able to:


  • Contact the users of the machinery, tools, products and/or services that your company offers.
  • Contact the leads of procurement and logistics areas.
  • Contact supplier companies looking for representative organizations and vice versa.
  • Contact directors, managers, supervisors of engineering, logistics, operation, production, maintenance, safety and environment protection areas.
  • Contact mining supplier companies looking for representatives.
  • Contact underground and open pit mine designers and planners.


Who will be there?

  • Exhibitors
  • Equipment, technology, supply and tool provider companies from different countries
  • Mining company service suppliers
  • Mining companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Provider companies from various countries
  • Underground and open pit mine design and planning leaders
  • Procurement and logistics leaders
  • Directors, managers, supervisors, heads of department and leaders of engineering, logistics, operation, production, maintenance, safety and environment protection areas.
  • Engineering and construction companies
  • Consultants
  • Mining Entrepreneur Chambers
  • Good and Service Provider Company Chambers
  • Diplomatic Representatives
  • National and Province government representatives
  • Professionals
  • Academics and educators

Contents of the exhibition



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